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Tardigrades and Friends: A Microbioblitz powered by Foldscope

  • Quail Hollow Ranch County Park 800 Quail Hollow Road Felton, CA, 95018 United States (map)
Awesome illustration created by  Marley Peifer !!

Awesome illustration created by Marley Peifer!!


Water bears (also called moss piglets or Tardigrades) are some of the most confounding creatures on the planet: They can resist freezing temperatures, boiling heat, radioactive exposure, and can even survive voyages into the vacuum of space. But even though these tiny critters can be found in every forest on earth, you’ll never see one without specifically looking for them. 

Join Christian Schwarz, Damon Tighe of CCNH and Max Coyle of Foldscope on a short walk to collect small bits of moss, lichen and pond water to bring back to our classroom. With the aid of microscopy we will visually explore this micro world and document it. 

We will have many tools to explore the micro-world with, but most excitingly we will have Foldscopes, ingenious origami based microscopes, to document and explore with. We will also upload any good photographs of the day to, so that it will be easy to share what we find with the friends, family, and people curious about the natural world.

The day will start with a little background in Tardigrade biology, a collection walk, an exploration of the microscopic world and then a share out of cool finds at the close. 

Bring lunch, snacks, water and your curiosity!