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CCNH @ Exploratorium After Dark: Superpowers

  • Exploratorium Pier 15 (Embarcadero at Green St) San Francisco, CA 94111 USA (map)

Come hang out with us at the Exploratorium's After Dark event on October 6! We'll be talking about the superpowers of plants, molds, and mushrooms.

Plants might seem stationary and placid, but they’re actually masters of telepathy, flight, impersonation, and other powers that we humans can only dream of! Not only do we depend upon them for our daily physical survival, we’ve learned uncountable lessons about how to better live in the world by observing and mimicking their behavior.

Fungus, a dear friend of plants but actually more similar to animals, is a creature that can eat radiation, survive with less water than any other organism on the planet, live inside rocks, have 28,000 different sexes, and weave themselves into a natural Wood Wide Web.

Come and learn more about the amazing, stranger-than-fiction lifestyles of these fantastic organisms!

Visit the Exploratorium website here to learn more and get tickets. Ticket pre-purchase not required.