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Serpentine Sunsets with Rare Flowers and Moths

Join Angela Pai and Damon Tighe for an intimate evening of seeing one of the rarest and most beautiful wildflowers in California as the sun goes down. Then stay after sunset to see what moths also inhabit this wonderful serpentine landscape. Your naturalists will give you a brief natural history on Calochortus tiburonensis, take you to blooming flowers and also provide interpretation of the serpentine habitat that it thrives in. Moth lights will be set up and run just after sunset so that we can see and photograph the variety of moths that pollinate the dynamic plants of the serpentine habitat.

Space is limited to 13, so sign up soon. The event is in Tiburon, but parking details and trail location will be sent out only to those that sign up as special permission is needed to be in the park after dark. A jacket for cool Bay Area nights and flashlight are also recommended. 

Sign Up Here:


Some of the plants that can be seen at this event:



Moths that may be seen at this event and the DIY Moth Light that we'll be using to bring them in: