CCNH is pleased to be sponsoring this webpage for Owls 4 Oakland, a community project dedicated to creating owl-friendly habitat around Lake Merritt, the nation's first wildlife refuge.

Owls 4 Oakland

Lake Merritt Owl Restoration Project

Help restore the ecology of our shared backyard! 

Owls 4 Oakland is ready to start building and mounting barn owl nesting boxes in trees around Lake Merritt. Owls are not only beautiful birds – they feed on rats and other pests at far less cost than using rodenticides.

Before we can mount the nesting boxes we must create a zone 1 mile in diameter in which no rodenticides are used. This means getting rat poison off of store shelves, and creating agreements with property managers, homeowners, businesses, and neighborhood associations to use integrated pest management solutions for rodent problems. Many cities have passed resolutions discouraging stores from selling rodenticides, including San Francisco, Berkeley, Alameda, and Emeryville – but Oakland has not. 

Rodenticides don’t just kill the owls who eat the poisoned rats – they’re also a danger to children, dogs, cats, and all wildlife. 

Help us make Oakland poison-free for owls and everyone else!

There are several ways you can help:

In different cultures owls have been seen as a symbol of clear-seeing, wisdom, and dreaming. Dream with us that a year from now you can walk around Lake Merritt by day and see the nesting boxes you helped to mount. And come back at night, when owls like to fly, and see them rising up majestically into the sky, their vast wings spread.

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Barn owl photo in banner: Copyright Lee Aurich

Owls for Oakland logo: Copyright Ven Voisey